Wellbeing Workshops
in Cumbria

Wellbeing is a fundamental part of our physical and mental health, it enables us to feel happiness, positivity and comfort in our ever-busy lives. In conjunction with Mind Mental Health Charity we deliver a range of Wellbeing Workshops for all levels of businesses and organisations to enable participants to improve their wellbeing and support to others.

Our Lake District based Wellbeing Workshops are fun, interactive, innovative and positive. They are designed to improve personal wellbeing; providing individuals with tools and tips for self-care, self-management and personal growth.

Workshops are individually designed for those participating and are based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing model. Building these small actions into day-to-day life can make a big difference to levels of wellbeing both in personal life and the workplace; helping you feel good about yourself and others and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our Workshops can incorporate team energisers, group activities and outdoor pursuits. From treasure hunts, problem solving, orienteering to bush craft, canoeing and fell walking; all creating positive shared experiences and designed with corporate well-being in mind.

This is a great add on opportunity to offer your team a unique experience that will develop, strengthen and reward them, so they return to the office positive and reinvigorated; a vital investment for forward thinking businesses.