Themed Events
in Cumbria

A unique and imaginative themed event in the Lake District is the perfect team building activity to create impact, excitement and an immediate talking point.

Our creative ideas and outdoor group activities in the Lake District provide a fantastic opportunity to produce bespoke team building events that are all expertly themed to create the feeling of amazement and wonder.

See Events boast a team of inventive, energetic, passionate and slightly eccentric individuals who thrive to produce the most creative, innovative, spectacular team building activities people have ever seen. We don’t use “off the shelf” team building solutions but aspire to generate the “extraordinary” not the “ordinary”, and we rather like dressing up – in the best possible taste of course!

Imagine film productions, pantomime buffoonery and slapstick productions, treasure hunting, clue finding, Special Agent missions, talent shows, game shows, adventures, expeditions and culinary quests! These are just some of team building activities we can create for you in the Lake District.

The options

I'm in the Lake District, get me out of here!

This Lakeland adventure challenge will have teams experiencing a range of outdoor pursuits and extraordinary challenges which will have them all shouting “I’m in the Lake District, get me out of here!”

After an initial briefing, teams will take part in various outdoor challenges such as orienteering and navigation, bush craft and survival skills, food ‘delicacy’ challenges and even wild insect and animal handling!

All activities will be done under the watchful eye of our experienced staff; teams will be scored on various survival skills, abilities and ultimately whether they have got what it takes!

Movie Maker

Film star, stuntman, top director, news reader or even the next James Bond; aspirations are endless with this creative event!

Teams will be set the challenge to write, direct and film a short ‘movie’ production. They will be given all the equipment needed and a few tips enabling them to produce their short film, news clip or advert and moment of fame! Essentials will include iPads, fancy dress, a selection of interesting and appropriately themed props and of course our expert technical and acting support!

This exciting, creative and fun event will have everyone involved in a variety of roles as they aim to create and produce their very own light-hearted short film.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction’ is perfect for introducing the challenge of managing projects in a constantly changing world. It involves all your delegates working in small teams to produce an outrageous drama. We provide a load of props, hats, gismos and other creative stuff plus a brief for each team to start working on. The end product is a hilarious and rewarding experience to remember for years to come.

Whilst this may look like a load of tom foolery and a licence to let off steam and behave silly, there is a very important process taking place. At the outset, there will be a mixture of individuals who relish the challenge and others who instantly feel a sense of dread, exposure and discomfort at what they are about to attempt. Two hours later everyone is on a high and enjoying a real sense of achievement and surprise at what has just been produced!

The 'Get Knocked Out' Gameshow!

Teams at the ready it’s time for the Get Knocked Out Gameshow! This fast paced, interactive challenge gameshow gives you a great opportunity to have fun and be entertained with our Ultimate Game!

The Get Knocked Out Gameshow is a unique event that tests and teases participant’s knowledge, skills, mental and unusual physical talents and abilities in a multitude of exciting and humorous challenges. The gameshow is a light hearted fun event and will provide teams with a great way to get together in a fun environment. With a whole variety of different rounds and some brilliantly entertaining team challenges, there is certainly something in this game show package to suit everyone!

Secret Agent Operation

Get ready to save the world from destruction as you masquerade as agents of our very own MI6. With crucial instructions from HQ and an official briefing on behalf of her majesty’s service, set out undercover on your imperative mission.

With tongue-in-cheek props and scripts, we will adapt the basic Special Agent stories to fit in with many activities and budgets, and drive you through the event with energy, humour and enthusiasm Universal would be proud of!!

Lakeland Country Pursuits Days

Don your Hunter Wellies and Barbour Jackets and join us for a relaxing day or afternoon of Lakeland country pursuits. Enjoying the invigorating fresh air and delightful country setting, try your hand at a choice of various traditional country pastimes.

These outdoor pursuits can range from duck herding, clay or rifle shooting, archery, bush craft and wild cooking to falconry, farm house culinary challenges and even local beer tasting!

Adventure Treasure Hunt Challenge

Get a well-deserved breath of fresh air on our Adventure Treasure Hunt Event. In teams, your objective will be to head out into the nearby countryside, local village, even town or city and take part in a treasure hunt with a difference!

Working against a tight time deadline, and armed only with a digital camera, a map and an obscure shopping list, teams will set out to recover clues and information from various locations around their chosen location. This event gives the opportunity to all those taking part to get out of the hotel environment, take in some great sights and scenery and have a lot of fun doing it.