Lake District team building activities

See Events creates a valuable and fun learning programme of team building events in the Lake District to reward and motivate your group as well as focussing on delivering key messages.

Designed by professionals, our group activities focus on building an effective team and creating an organisational culture based on team work.

We aim to unite teams and encourage trust, communication and considered decision making, helping your team to become the absolute best they can be.

We specialise in bespoke Lake District team building events, but also cover the rest of the North West and the whole of the UK, incorporating a vast array of indoor and outdoor team building activities, allowing you to really get the most out of the day and your team, and more importantly having fun in a friendly environment as well as expanding your skills and building working relationships.

The See Events team building programmes are regularly shaken about, pulled, stretched, and generally revised to refresh our “product offering” to you and meet the changing needs of your business.

The options

``Stop The Clock``

The ultimate in competitive, exciting, thought provoking, dynamic team events that will test ingenuity, teamwork, and time management to the limit, not only that it’s great fun as well!

Unlike most events, in “Stop The Clock” the teams make all the decisions on what activities they do and how long they spend doing them. The faster and more efficiently they work, the more they get done, the more points they earn.

The activity options will be a structured mix that will appeal to a wide variety of people so that we can ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time. When the going gets tough the tough get going, the team spirit will be well and truly raised in a game that will prove to be an unforgettable and highly motivating experience.


Futurama gives you the opportunity to invent, create and showcase new (and often wacky) developments in the world of futuristic design. Allow your teams to let their creative juices flow as they take part in our fun, exiting and competitive design and marketing exercise.

Supplied with various materials, equipment and futuristic notions you will be given the opportunity to come up with your very own ‘gizmological’ showcase of the future through quirky presentations and idiosyncratic explanations; changing the state of current technology and putting new inventions to the test!

Once teams have developed and designed their products it will then be down to the Product & Design specialists to create what they believe to be next years and the futures must have gadget!

Adventure Treasure Hunt Challenge

Get a well-deserved breath of fresh air on our Adventure Treasure Hunt Event. In teams, your objective will be to head out into the nearby countryside, local village, even town or city and take part in a treasure hunt with a difference!

Working against a tight time deadline, and armed only with a digital camera, a map and an obscure shopping list, teams will set out to recover clues and information from various locations around their chosen location. This event gives the opportunity to all those taking part to get out of the hotel environment, take in some great sights and scenery and have a lot of fun doing it.

Movie Maker

Film star, stuntman, top director, news reader or even the next James Bond; aspirations are endless with this creative event!

Teams will be set the challenge to write, direct and film a short ‘movie’ production. They will be given all the equipment needed and a few tips enabling them to produce their short film, news clip or advert and moment of fame! Essentials will include iPads, fancy dress, a selection of interesting and appropriately themed props and of course our expert technical and acting support!

This exciting, creative and fun event will have everyone involved in a variety of roles as they aim to create and produce their very own light-hearted short film.

‘GPS’ – Urban or Adventure Orienteering

Take a map, a set of clues, global satellite navigation systems and a team of individuals. To complete the course and challenges they must work together to navigate around the grounds of the hotel, a nearby town or village or around the local fells and woodland, overcoming any obstacles.

Your geostashing adventure will involve your group setting the pace on a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS (Global Positioning System). The team will be given a GPS unit and a set of instructions that will assist in locating the vital coordinates of the goals.

Utilizing the GPS units and team skills, each team collaborates to find control points and markers within the given time.

I'm in the Lake District, get me out of here!

This Lakeland adventure challenge will have teams experiencing a range of outdoor pursuits and extraordinary challenges which will have them all shouting “I’m in the Lake District, get me out of here!”

After an initial briefing, teams will take part in various outdoor challenges such as orienteering and navigation, bush craft and survival skills, food ‘delicacy’ challenges and even wild insect and animal handling!

All activities will be done under the watchful eye of our experienced staff; teams will be scored on various survival skills, abilities and ultimately whether they have got what it takes!

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction’ is perfect for introducing the challenge of managing projects in a constantly changing world. It involves all your delegates working in small teams to produce an outrageous drama. We provide a load of props, hats, gismos and other creative stuff plus a brief for each team to start working on. The end product is a hilarious and rewarding experience to remember for years to come.

Whilst this may look like a load of tom foolery and a licence to let off steam and behave silly, there is a very important process taking place. At the outset, there will be a mixture of individuals who relish the challenge and others who instantly feel a sense of dread, exposure and discomfort at what they are about to attempt. Two hours later everyone is on a high and enjoying a real sense of achievement and surprise at what has just been produced!