Indoor Team Building Events
in the Lake District

Indoor team building events are a great way to add value to your conference or to just experience an engaging and exciting alternative to outdoor pursuits.

Whether it be the good old British weather, conference demands or just a preference for indoor based events we can offer a vast selection of team building events, energisers, activities and experiences to suit you, in Cumbria – the Lake District.

Our event repertoire is a great weather-proof way to add depth and dimension to a company meeting or conference event.

The options

The End Result

In teams, participants will be given the task to design and create a logo which will then be painted on to a large team canvas or t shirt. The logo should capture and represent to them, the essence of a particular objective or company ethos.

This event provides opportunities to work with people you don’t always work with, work to rigorous criteria and tight deadlines and demonstrate a joined up, business-like approach with effective communication.

This high-energy, fast paced event enables participants to discover their and their team mates creative and innovative potential whilst working together to create something symbolic and memorable!

Movie Maker

Film star, stuntman, top director, news reader or even the next James Bond; aspirations are endless with this creative event!


Teams will be set the challenge to write, direct and film a short ‘movie’ production. They will be given all the equipment needed and a few tips enabling them to produce their short film, news clip or advert and moment of fame! Essentials will include iPads, fancy dress, a selection of interesting and appropriately themed props and of course our expert technical and acting support!

This exciting, creative and fun event will have everyone involved in a variety of roles as they aim to create and produce their very own light-hearted short film.

``Stop The Clock``

The ultimate in competitive, exciting, thought provoking, dynamic team events that will test ingenuity, teamwork, and time management to the limit, not only that it’s great fun as well!

Unlike most events, in “Stop The Clock” the teams make all the decisions on what activities they do and how long they spend doing them. They will be presented with up to 20 different opportunities to earn points within an overall time period. The activity options will range from a great selection of problem solving and fun challenges. The faster and more efficiently they work, the more they get done, the more points they earn.

They will always be racing against the clock as it will not be possible to complete all of the activity options before the deadline, so careful planning and a good game strategy will be vital in the quest for success. The activity options will be a structured mix that will appeal to a wide variety of people so that we can ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time

When the going gets tough the tough get going, the team spirit will be well and truly raised in a game that will prove to be an unforgettable and highly motivating experience.

The Chocolatiers Apprentice

Teams decide on a daring and diverse concept to break into the chocolate market. You will then have to allocate roles and tasks to each member such as manufacturing, branding, box design and marketing.

Delegates are given the freedom to choose measure and weigh their own ingredients. Each team will be expected to pipe shape, temper, dip and package a whopping 150 chocolates (based on a team of 8) in order to complete the challenge laid down by our judges (All delegates make chocolates to take home).

Towards the end of the event teams present their chocolates and centre piece ready to go into the ‘board room’. Spokespersons give presentations and must persuade the judge why their teams are quite simply the best. Points are awarded for creativity, taste, concept, presentation of chocolates and the sales pitch.

Strictly Come Dining

You’ve seen the program now it is your turn, this is an excellent team event and a great leveller, can your team work under pressure? In this team event you and your group will go head to head to produce a tasty dish for your colleagues to judge, then it will be their turn to cook for you, will you be a John Terrode or a Gordon Ramsey.

An experienced expert chef will demonstrate knife handling skills, health and safety and a demonstration which will be relevant to their category. Each team will be responsible for all aspects of their dishes; this will have to include table setting and serving their hungry colleagues.

Each team gives an overall score of the dishes, giving feedback via a spokesperson on the table, then the winner from each category goes before our judges to give the final verdict, the criteria the chefs will be looking for are creativity, team work and taste.

The British Bake Off

Men and women all over the country have been inspired to reach for the oven gloves, roll up their sleeves and use their loaf with the latest TV programme the great British bake off; we have all the equipment and expertise to inspire budding bakers to have a go anywhere in the UK.

You and your team will work with a professional pastry chef to make a variety of traditional and contemporary afternoon tea and bakery items, we will bring along cookery books and even some recipes used at some exclusive hotels such as the Chewton Glen and the Dorchester London.

After a short introduction and demonstration, the chef will give the teams a challenge to make a variety of bakery and pastry items, teams then go head to head to make, bake, and ice, a variety of bakery items while the clock is ticking, penalties will be given for undercooked cake, split custards or soggy bottoms.

Our chef will judge each category such as custards, pastry, cake and fermented items, awarding points for creativity, skill and taste.


Futurama gives you the opportunity to invent, create and showcase new (and often wacky) developments in the world of futuristic design. Allow your teams to really let their creative juices flow as they take part in our fun, exiting and competitive design and marketing exercise.

Supplied with various materials, equipment and futuristic notions you will be given the opportunity to come up with your very own ‘gizmological’ showcase of the future through quirky presentations and idiosyncratic explanations; changing the state of current technology and putting new inventions to the test!

This event is not only fun, exciting and competitive it also actively encourages teamwork, team cohesion and communication. Delegates will find themselves immersed in a design project where they will each fill a specific team role and best of all expose hidden talents. This unique, extraordinary and innovatory event challenges you to create a gadget to catch on and change the world of tomorrow….