Entertainment events
in Cumbria

An unusual, individual theme or concept can add value to your event or conference providing pizzazz, vivacity and an unforgettable impression.

We put our creative flair to good use creating concepts that stand-out and make some noise.

These events can take place during the day as your main event or in the evening after a long conference. Immersed in a fun experience and social environment, teams can get to know one another better, developing relationships and ultimately enjoy themselves!

Our inventive, creative and eccentric ideas have concocted an amazing array of entertainment team building ideas from game shows, talent shows, theatrical pantomimes, quiz nights, James Bond casinos, murder mysteries, wine and cheese tasting, cocktail masterclasses, real ale workshops, chocolate making, Ceilidh’s, fire dancing, the list goes on!

The options

Race Night

Get your betting slips ready and binoculars to hand, we are off to the races!

This event will give you the opportunity to don your best hats and slacks and have a flutter on the gee-gees. A wallet-testing evening of thrills, spills and risk taking, our corporate event race night will bring the highs and lows of a day at the races, without costing a penny.

Participants can bet on their horses at our betting station then sit back and watch the race unfold before their very eyes. With numerous races over the evening there are plenty of opportunities to win or lose. Anything can happen as the races will all be very close, keeping you and your team on the edge of their seats until the horses and also pigs, greyhounds and more!, pass the finishing post.

Magician Entertainment

Keep your guests captivated and in amazement at our close up and table magicians. A Close up / Table magician is perfect for corporate function, dinners and private parties. Our magicians’ magic tricks and sleight of hand with cards, coins and other objects will certainly impress your guests.

Whilst guests are standing around enjoying post dinner drinks, magic will be performed in “Mix and Mingle” style, strolling amongst the guests.

Chocolate Challenge

Our chocolate making workshops are perfect for any corporate occasion including team bonding or as part of an away day.

A fun ice breaker starts the session. Enjoy a fascinating talk about the cocoa bean, its origins and history, and how it becomes a chocolate bar from a bean. Watch a professional chocolate demonstration on how to make a selection of delicious chocolates.

Taste, shape, dip, and decorate your own chocolates using your new-found skills. Elegantly gift wrap them to take away and share or keep as a reward for your efforts.

Murder Mystery Evening

Guests will be given specially created Identity and Information packs. These will include background information about the particular character the guest will be playing, a detailed description of what is known about the discovery of the deceased, some photographic evidence and individual clues.

The Investigation Leader will guide the process of extracting evidence and summarising theories as they arise. At appropriate times extra evidence and clues will be introduced and breaks will be taken to allow time for the assimilation of the new information and for groups to exchange information.

Various murder mystery themes can be done i.e. Prohibition, Bond 007, Downton Abbey and more and all in a very enjoyable and theatrical way!

Dramatic Dance

Get your colleagues together, release inhibitions and have fun! Group event dance classes are a great way of letting your hair down and having some fun, a great and memorable experience for any occasion!

We can cater to lots of themes and concepts of dance, just a pick a song or a theme! Themes include Strictly Come Dancing, Bollywood, Musical Theatre, 80s, Street Dance and more!

Casino Evening

Enter the world of the casino, haunt of the rich and famous, where you will mix and mingle as you play on quality tables serviced by the most proficient croupiers. See whether you can break the bank or whether the bank breaks you.

An after dinner experience with an authentic casino atmosphere. Try your hand at Blackjack, Roulette or the Wheel of Fortune. Complete with ‘special’ casino money guests can blow it all in one go or become paper millionaires!