Team Energisers
in the Lake District

'Icebreakers', 'Motivators' or even 'Boredom Busters', 'Team Energisers' are ideal events to add an instant boost of adrenaline, creativity and impact to your conference

We appreciate time can be valuable so we structure our energisers so they are ‘snapshot’ team building activities either outdoors or indoors, generally designed to revitalise jaded and weary teams before, during or after conferences or meetings.

Team Energisers can help people get to know each other better and breakdown barriers bringing people from different backgrounds together in a more positive team environment.

By getting participants to use their bodies and minds in a different way, they return to any conference programmes refreshed, more receptive with a re-energised team spirit!

The options

``Race Against Time``

The ultimate in competitive, exciting, thought provoking, dynamic team events that will test ingenuity, teamwork, and time management to the limit, not only that it’s great fun as well!

Unlike most events, in “Race Against Time” the teams make all the decisions on what activities they do and how long they spend doing them. They will be presented with up to 20 different opportunities to earn points within an overall time period. The activity options will range from a great selection of problem solving and fun challenges. The faster and more efficiently they work, the more they get done, the more points they earn.

They will always be racing against the clock as it will not be possible to complete all of the activity options before the time deadline, so careful planning and a good game strategy will be vital in the quest for success. The activity options will be a structured mix that will appeal to a wide variety of people so that we can ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time

When the going gets tough the tough get going, the team spirit will be well and truly raised in a game that will prove to be an unforgettable and highly motivating experience.

School Sports Day

It is no ordinary day back at School, it’s the annual Sports Day!, and we would like to welcome you all to the ‘funtacular’, the ‘spectacular’, the fandabidozi Sports Day Event!!

You will have various opportunities to earn those valuable points by competing in set races and through testing your team skills at various games challenges stationed around the sports field. Races and challenges can include Sack Races, Egg and Spoon, Space Hopper Racing and more!


A fun and creative challenge involving various problem solving exercises and ultimately designing, building and presenting an advertisement for a ‘mousetrap’.

Each team participates in numerous challenges, gaining equipment and props for the ‘entrapment’ challenge. Once all the challenges have been completed the teams must give a presentation and television advertisement of their working traps, being assessed on their creativity and design.

Good communication, innovation and time management skills will be required along with a good sense of fun and team spirit.

Urban or Suburban Orienteering

This is your opportunity to get a breath of fresh air, stretch your legs and get an energising break from a hectic conference.

With the help of our experts you will be trained in all the basic skills of orienteering with a difference! Whether your meeting is based in the heart of the National Park or heart of a city centre we will get your delegates working in teams, searching and researching, negotiating their way around local areas and tracking down and deciphering a number of challenges, tasks and tests.

A wonderful combination of historical locations, national landmarks or glorious scenery and at the same time testing individuals teamwork, initiative, imagination and resourcefulness.

Adventure Treasure Hunt Challenge

Get a well-deserved breath of fresh air on our Adventure Treasure Hunt Event. In teams, your objective will be to head out into the nearby countryside, local village, even town or city and take part in a treasure hunt with a difference!

Working against a tight time deadline, and armed only with a digital camera, a map and an obscure shopping list, teams will set out to recover clues and information from various locations around their chosen location. This event gives the opportunity to all those taking part to get out of the hotel environment, take in some great sights and scenery and have a lot of fun doing it.

Mexican Railway

Mexican Railway is a great exercise for introducing the challenge of managing projects that have an important implication and end result to a wider project outcome. It involves all of your delegates working in small sub teams to produce part of a larger construction. We provide essential materials; bamboo canes, tubing, props, and other creative and useful stuff plus a brief for each team to start working on.

The object of this task is to build a structure set within given guidelines that will transport an object over a specific distance. Throughout the construction period we will intervene and introduce building constraints and production requisites that individual teams will have to accommodate and observe.

This task provides you with an opportunity to explore and experience the valuable learning outcomes from working in sub divisions to contributing to a wider project. The result is a great sense of achievement and collaborative result.