Eco and CSR Experiences
in the Lake District

Our Eco Experience and Corporate Social Responsibility events are an event experience designed with corporate well-being and the environment in mind.

When immersed in the beauty and wonder of the lake District, barriers disappear, teamwork is natural and creative thinking holds no boundaries. These kinds of events are a retreat from the stresses and pressures of the daily office and they put ‘something back’ into the ever-fragile environment around us.

Eco Experience events are tailored to your companies or teams’ requirements; you can enjoy group activities, personal challenges, natural experiences and of course, time for reflection; all that and without leaving a carbon footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an increasingly important and popular way of marrying the need of business objectives with the desire for organisations to take responsibility for the environmental, social and economic impacts of their businesses within their community and wider environment.

They provide your employees with the opportunity to spend a day away from the workplace, working together to achieve a positive social, cultural or environmental impact as well as helping to boost colleague morale, motivation and self-esteem. We work with several local charities and organisations on various seasonal projects; essential to the improvement and enhancement of our natural habitats and landscapes.

This is a great opportunity to offer your team a unique experience that will challenge, strengthen and reward them, so they return to the office relaxed and reinvigorated, delivering inspired and motivated individuals back into the workplace; a vital investment for forward thinking businesses.