Good Afternoon | Monday 15 October 2018

Themed Events

Imagination has no boundaries…

A unique and imaginative themed event is the perfect team building activity to create impact, excitement and an immediate talking point. Our creative ideas and outdoor group activities in the Lake District provide a fantastic opportunity to produce bespoke team building events that are all expertly themed to create the feeling of amazement and wonder.

SEE Events boast a team of inventive, energetic, passionate and slightly eccentric individuals who thrive to produce the most creative, innovative, spectacular team building activities people have ever seen. We don’t use ‘off the shelf’ team building solutions, but aspire to generate the ‘extraordinary’ not the ‘ordinary’, and we rather like dressing up - in the best possible taste of course!

Imagine Paparazzi Racing through cities catching the greatest scoop, Wacky Races against villains and heroes, Pantomime Buffoonery and slapstick productions, Indiana Jones searching for ancient lost treasure, Special Agent Missions testing your prowess, talent shows, game shows, construction challenges and culinary quests! These are just some of team building activities we can create for you in the Lake District.

  • Paparazzi racing
  • Wacky Races
  • Pantomime Buffoonery
  • Indiana Jones
  • Special Agent Missions
  • Talent Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Construction Challenges
  • Culinery Quests

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

"Oh, yes it is!"... "Oh, no it isn't!"...

This event will have you starring in your very own pantomime production. Incorporating costume, role play, buffoonery, slapstick humour and audience participation, this is an exciting opportunity to remove yourselves from the normal world and dip your toes in the infamous world of stage performers.

Beat the Star!

Beat The Star puts 'teams of delegates' against formidable 'celebrity' opponents over various rounds of extreme mental, technical and physical games.

Each challenging team will step up to the mark in a number of mystery challenges. They'll have seconds to prepare for the games ranging from the athletic, brain-boggling or simply out-of-this-world, ensuring the contenders and spectators are always on their toes. It's all to play for on Beat the Star!

Secret Agent Operation

Get ready to save the world from destruction as you masquerade as agents of our very own MI6. With crucial instructions from HQ and an official briefing on behalf of her majesty's service, set out undercover on your imperative mission.

With tongue-in-cheek props and scripts, we will adapt the basic Special Agent stories to fit in with many activities and budgets, and drive you through the event with energy, humour and enthusiasm Universal would be proud of!!

National Treasure

Based on popular adventure films, this team event will allow your teams to experience excitement and adventure as they set out on the perilous pursuit of the ancient map to legendary lost treasures.

Braving booby traps and jungle perils throughout the quest, this team building exercise is fully themed and will transport teams to a world of excitement, thrills and adventure and ultimately contribute to your team building success whilst in search and in anticipation of the secrets of ancient treasure.