Good Afternoon | Monday 15 October 2018

Motorised Events

Motor mayhem and madness….

Have a fun filled motorised Team Building day and experience an exhilarating motorised event to reward and amuse your team. Our motorised team building experience offers the opportunity to drive some unusual, tricky, fast and even awesome motorised machines ensuring a unique, enjoyable and competitive event day.

We offer a full selection of motorised packages for all abilities to enjoy whilst improving relations and communication skills. From high adrenalin powerturns and rally buggies, skillful hydroquads and team challenging camera drive and reverse steer vehicles we can create an action packed day of motorised mayhem and madness!


Grand Prix Challenge

Collect your racing leathers, helmet and team colours as you challenge yourselves with a range of unusual activities and vehicles in rubber burning, action packed fun!

Secret Agent Events

Get ready to save the world from destruction as you masquerade as agents of our very own MI6. With crucial instructions from HQ and an official briefing on behalf of her majesty's service, set out undercover on your imperative mission completing essential aptitude training and agility instruction along the way.

Motor Mayhem

Enjoy a day of motorised mayhem! Experience vehicles ranging from the challenging Hydroquad and Blind Drive vehicle, the rapid Powerturn, Reverse Steer vehicle and the Rally Buggies.

This is an activity day with the main focus being on participating as a team as you rise to the extraordinary range of vehicle challenges and have a lot of fun doing so!!

Multi Activity Day

Spend the day participating in various fun, challenging and exciting activities! Activity options can include a vast selection of motorised activities including powerturns, rally buggies, reverse steer and blind driving, along with orienteering, archery, clay pigeon shooting, problem solving and many more.

All your adventures will be led by fully experienced instructors who will make sure that everyone feels confident and has an extremely good time. Your dedicated event managers will co-ordinate all the aspects of a flawless and successful event both leading up to your event and on the big day itself.