Good Afternoon | Monday 15 October 2018


Lights, camera, actionů

An unusual, individual theme or concept can add value to your event or conference providing pizzazz, vivacity and an unforgettable impression.  We put our creative flair to good use creating concepts that stand-out and make some noise.

These events can take place during the day as your main event or in the evening after a long conference. Immersed in a fun experience and social environment, teams are able to get to know one another better, developing relationships and ultimately enjoy themselves!

Our inventive, creative and eccentric ideas have concocted an amazing array of entertainment team building ideas from game shows, talent shows, generation games, theatrical pantomimes, quiz nights, Caribbean nights, James Bond casinos, wine and cheese tasting, Ceilidh’s, fire dancing, the list goes on!


'The Generation Quizshow'

Buzzers at the ready its time for the Generation Quizshow! This fast paced, interactive quiz based gameshow gives you a great opportunity to have fun and be entertained with our Ultimate Game!

The Generation Quizshow is a unique event that tests and teases people's knowledge, skills, mental and unusual physical talents and abilities in a multitude of exciting and humorous challenges. The quizshow is a light hearted fun event and will provide team's with a great way to bond and relax together in a fun environment. Hosted and managed by your professional 'quizshow hosts', this unique entertainment event is sure to have your 'finger on the buzzers'!

Casino Evening

Enter the world of the casino, haunt of the rich and famous, where you will mix and mingle as you play on quality tables serviced by the most proficient croupiers. See whether you can break the bank or whether the bank breaks you.

An after dinner experience with an authentic casino atmosphere. Try your hand at Blackjack, Roulette or the Wheel of Fortune. Complete with 'special' casino money guests can blow it all in one go or become paper millionaires!

Let's Fake It!

'Let's Fake It' is a transformational battle against the odds. Our fakers are plucked from their natural habitat and given a few hours to master a skill well enough to fool a group of expert judges. Working in teams each group will be given a 'new talent' that they will have to master before the evenings' revealing show.

New talent careers can include a circus entertainer, magician, cocktail maker, geologist or even a car salesman! You could be donning a twirling baton, sequin suit, copy of News of the World or a gold medallion, all in preparation to fool the nation!

Medieval Madness

Step back in time to days gone by and into the Middle Ages, start to re-live and experience some medieval moments. Let an evening of music, mirth and merriment begin with your guests being welcomed to dinner by lively music and revelry.

Be graced by the King and Queen, be in awe of knights in shining armour, watch for the beautiful damsels avoiding distress and of course, the jester's tomfoolery will keep everyone amused! An evening packed with fun and laughter as the King ensures that all guests eat, drink and be merry. Prepare yourselves for a unique historical re-enactment and journey back into these ancient times.