Good Afternoon | Monday 15 October 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility

Want a difference, make a difference…

CSR has become an increasingly important and popular way of marrying the need of business objectives with the desire for organisations to take responsibility for the environmental, social and economic impacts of their businesses within their community and wider environment.

They provide your employees with the opportunity to spend a day away from the workplace, working together to achieve a positive social, cultural or environmental impact as well as helping to boost colleague morale, motivation and self esteem.

We will source each CSR event individually to suit your group, and the programs can be as diverse as re-generating a public garden, designing a school play area, preserving a national trust nature reserve or rebuilding Lakeland paths and walkways. 

In addition to the obvious benefits to the local community, these programs are beneficial for both your organisation as a whole, creating positive publicity and a feel good factor for all and more importantly, delivering inspired and motivated individuals back into the workplace.